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Firing Valve and Body and Air Holding Area

The Firing Valve Body is made of cold rolled steel.  The picture shows the turned parts before the Firing Valve Body was welded to the receiver tube.  The plans call for a 3/32" diameter valve stem, but this version was built with a 1/8" diameter valve stem.

The o-ring sealing surfaces should be carefully machined and smoothed to make sure the o-ring seals fully.  The valve body shown above was tested prior to drilling the 1/8" valve stem hole, then again once the valve stem hole was drilled and the valve and valve seat installed.  It should seal bubble tight.

The hole in the Air Holding Area for the air input can be drilled and tapped before the valve body is welded to the receiver tube.  However, if that is the case, that hole must be properly aligned (with the two parts joined together) to get the proper orientation when the valve body is welded to the receiver tube.

A valve stem travel limiter was machined from a piece of delrin.  Actually, I made 4 of them, each with a difference thickness, to limit the travel of the valve stem when hit by the striker.  They are just pressed on the valve stem.  They worked well.  Once you are happy with the valve travel and overall performance level, the valve stem can be cut to the final length and the limiters are no longer needed.


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