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[Under Construction]

Here are some pictures and tips on making the trigger function on the Caselman.

Trigger Setup
Trigger being setup to check relative positions.

Trigger semimode
Position of fire control parts in semi-auto mode.

Trigger fullautomode
Position of parts when in full-auto mode.

I didn't like the trigger setup when I first started building.  It looked like there would be a problem with wear where the soft bolt rides across the top of the hardened full-auto sear trip.  I made a mock up of the parts from cardboard to see how all of the parts interact.  It didn't appear that there would be enough trigger travel to get it into full-auto mode.  It bottomed out on the bottom of the trigger housing.  I wasn't concerned with a semi-auto mode, preferring trigger control and mostly full-auto firing anyway.  I quickly designed and built a full-auto only trigger connector.  You will see pictures of that on here.  I also did a few other options, but eventually decided to try the original design.  With careful measurements, some more filing and grinding, and final fitting I got enough travel.  Email me and I will send you the details on the trigger setup and measurements.  It will eventually be on this site.

Email me with any questions about how the trigger operates and I will post answers and more pictures here.


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