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This site is just getting started.  There will be broken links or empty pages for a while, but content will start being added so it should be useful after several weeks. 

I am trying to leave the forum discussions to the other various websites.  I will add links to several of them here. 



September 15, 2011

AirMachineGun.com is officially under development. This website will contain information about air machine guns that are available, performance, modifications, and construction of several different types. There may even be a substantial section of Air Machine Guns and related equipment for sale.

The first phase of development of this site will be the construction and testing of a Caselman Air Machine Gun. Corrections to the plans, which are available for free on the internet, will be noted as well as other modifications that produced a working air machine gun in .32 caliber.

Caselman Air Machine Gun





The Caselman Air Machine Gun construction section will be built in parts so you can check back as the content starts appearing. Several others are starting Caselman build projects and they may share their build experience and pictures, too.

Thanks for all the questions and comments.  This website will continue to be updated with lots more pictures and helpful tips and details.

Drozd and Blackbird Modifications

January 17, 2010

The Drozd air machine gun is very popular and relatively easy to modify. There are some really good guys out there working on improvements. Many of those modifications will be described on this site for future reference. While that is being put together there will be further development on a modified Drozd valve and high capacity magazines.

June 2010

Success has been achieved in developing a new Drozd valve.  It produces about 800 fps with 900 to 1000 psi from an 18" long Crosman 760 barrel.  It will operate up to 1500 psi, no problem, and the body is good for well over 3000 psi.  The front seal is still looks like the weak point in the design.

With that success comes the continuation of the build of the high capacity magazine for the Drozd.  The idea is one I came up with many years ago, but just seemed to fit here.  It will hold about 650 rounds.

The continued design includes a new mount for the solenoid.  With the Blackbird board from Russia, the flexibility is there for additional tuning and substantial performance gains.

September 15, 2011

There have been a number of updates to the Caselman to make it better.  Feel free to answer any questions you may have about building one.



Latest Addition

The framework for the website was built using an old Frontpage template.  It's not supposed to be fancy but is supposed to be useful.  The content will be added as time allows.  There are a lot of things being built while the content is being created.